General Profile

1. Zone/Block Budhal
2. Name of the Officer in Charge Dervinder kumar
3. Phone no(Concerned Officer) 700641412
4. District Office Contact No 196263404
5. Latitude 33.3785
6. Longitude 74.648325
7. Altitude 1745.66 mts
8. Agro-climatic zone Temprate
9. Accreditation Rating by NHB
10. Geotag

Nursery Infrastructure

Sno Parameters Present Status
1. Total Area of Nursery 0.98
2. Building Status Room kicher and
3. Irrigation Source Minor
5. Solar Pannels Nil
6. Micro Irrigation Nil
7. Vermicompost Unit Nil
8. Protected Cultivation Nil
9. Fencing Status nil
10. Working Shed Nil

Plant Infrastructure

Sno Parameters Present Status
1. Kindwise Status of quality mother plants available with Cv. AppleG 590(G.del.R.del.) WalnutG 960(local kagzi).
2. Kindwise Fruit plants available for sale at present walnutU/B1200(4000 reserve for grafting)
3. Nursery Targets for Current Year Grafted Plants of Apple and Walnuts 10,600 and Root Stock 36000
4. Future thrust To produce quality walnutG of local best cultivars and appleHD plants after improving Nry infrastructure and dev. of more area under Nry.