General Profile

1. Zone/Block RS Pura
2. Name of the Officer in Charge Mr Perminder Singh
3. Phone no(Concerned Officer) 9419145540
4. District Office Contact No 0191-2554354
5. Latitude 32.64127527485779
6. Longitude 74.82350133927542
7. Altitude 1073 msl
8. Agro-climatic zone Sub-tropical
9. Accreditation Rating by NHB 1
10. Geotag

Nursery Infrastructure

Sno Parameters Present Status
1. Total Area of Nursery 2.0 Hac
2. Building Status 1 No Office Building and 2 No Stores
3. Irrigation Source Deep Borewell
5. Solar Pannels No
6. Micro Irrigation No
7. Vermicompost Unit 1 No Functional
8. Protected Cultivation 2 Nos of Shade Net Houses
9. Fencing Status Chain Linked
10. Working Shed No

Plant Infrastructure

Sno Parameters Present Status
1. Kindwise Status of quality mother plants available with Cv. Litchi 250 Nos Cvs Dehradun, Calcuttia and Seedless, Kinnow Virus Free 45 Nos
2. Kindwise Fruit plants available for sale at present Litchi 3500, Grapes 1000
3. Nursery Targets for Current Year Litchi 3500 Mango 1000 Grapes 3500 Pomegranate 1000, Root Stock of Mango Khatti and Wild Peach 9700
4. Future thrust Initiatives have been taken up to develop Nursery on scientific lines for the production of Quality plants of Litchi, Mango, Grapes and Citrus

Visit of Director Horti. Jammu at Maralia nursery

kinnow Mother block at Naralia Nursery

Top worked Mango plants at Maralia nursery

Vice Chancellor SKUAST Jammu at Maralia nursery

Propagation of litchi at Maralia nursery