General Profile

1. Zone/Block Gool
2. Name of the Officer in Charge Rohan kumar
3. Phone no(Concerned Officer) 9419964366
4. District Office Contact No 9419126508
5. Latitude 33.265334
6. Longitude 75.005
7. Altitude 6029fts
8. Agro-climatic zone TEMPRATE
9. Accreditation Rating by NHB 01 star
10. Geotag

Nursery Infrastructure

Sno Parameters Present Status
1. Total Area of Nursery 1.81 Ha
2. Building Status one building functional, one building damaged
3. Irrigation Source Irrigation Channel Defunct
5. Solar Pannels Nil
6. Micro Irrigation Nil
7. Vermicompost Unit 1 no.damaged
8. Protected Cultivation 2 Nos. of P G houses
9. Fencing Status Barbed wire fencing
10. Working Shed Nil

Plant Infrastructure

Sno Parameters Present Status
1. Kindwise Status of quality mother plants available with Cv. Apple Mahraji.55 Apple Ambri.03 Apple. Red.Delicious. 34Nos Apple. Michel. 10.Nos Apple. Pomebeauty. 18Nos HDP Apple Galla.11Nos HDP Apple. Scarlet Supper.19Nos plum 01Nos Walnut . 10Nos Quence 34Nos Pear 18Nos Apricot. 01No Walnut.Graft.Z.P 05Nos Walnut.Graft. 08Nos Cherry Graft. 03Nos
2. Kindwise Fruit plants available for sale at present Apple.Graft. 500Nos Walnut.Graft. 20Nos Apricot.Graft. 50Nos Walnut UN/B. 1500Nos Pecannut. 200Nos
3. Nursery Targets for Current Year Apple B/G 7000 Apricot B/G... 8400 Walnut B/G. 2400 walnut seedling.3700 Apricot seedlings.1300 Apple seedling.8000 kainth.seedling.10000 plum/Quince. 5000
4. Future thrust