General Profile

1. Zone/Block Reasi
2. Name of the Officer in Charge Varinder Kumar
3. Phone no(Concerned Officer) 7006162055
4. District Office Contact No 1991245659
5. Latitude 33.033
6. Longitude 74.893
7. Altitude 677 Meters
8. Agro-climatic zone Subtropical
9. Accreditation Rating by NHB Nil
10. Geotag

Nursery Infrastructure

Sno Parameters Present Status
1. Total Area of Nursery 4.8 Ha
2. Building Status One old building( Mali hut) Need reparing & one another under construction
3. Irrigation Source water harvestig tank
5. Solar Pannels Nil
6. Micro Irrigation Nil
7. Vermicompost Unit Yes (Need repairing)
8. Protected Cultivation 01 Poly house & 03 shade net house
9. Fencing Status Repairing of fencing is required.
10. Working Shed Yes

Plant Infrastructure

Sno Parameters Present Status
1. Kindwise Status of quality mother plants available with Cv. Kind Variety Numbers Mango 50 Litchi-114 Guava-81 Kinnow=11
2. Kindwise Fruit plants available for sale at present Kind Numbers Litchi-415 Apple-510 Mango-37 Guava-150 Un-budded Nimbo-87 Walnut-1722 Anar-639
3. Nursery Targets for Current Year Mango-4800 Litchi-2800 Guava-1800 ROOTSTOCKS Wild Mango-17000 Khatti-10000
4. Future thrust